Is it possible to produce special type end mills?

Possible. We've been trying production of various special figure tools. Please contact our sales person in charge on specification, lead time, etc..

Is it possible to produce irregular size (diameter) end mills?

Possible. We produce as special type end mills. Please contact our sales person in charge.

Does UNION TOOL CO. have re-sharpening service or coating service?

We are so sorry to say that we don't do either of them in house.

Does UNION TOOL CO. have left hand helical end mills as standard series?

We are afraid we don't do them. But, it's possible to produce as special type end mills.

Please introduce us as how to apply HARDMAX(HM) coating and UT coating.

Please apply them by the hardness of work material properly.

HARD MAX (HM) coating:
This is the coating which can make longer tool life for high hardness work material (40-65 HRC).
It's excellent at heat-resistant, harder than UT coating, and it's possible to reduce wear by the effect.

UT coating:
This is the coating which can make longer tool life for steel work material (raw material-55 HRC).
Its friction coefficient against steel material is low and it has excellent lubricity, so that it can reduce wear by the effect.

What's the kind of coating UNION TOOL CO. can produce?

We offer the following coating types.
UT coating (for milling steel material less or equal 55 HRC), HARDMAX(HM) coating (for milling steel material 40-65 HRC), HMG coating (for milling hardened steels up to 70 HRC), CrN coating (for milling copper electrodes), DLC coating (for milling aluminum alloy), Diamond coating (for milling Graphite, FRP), and UDC (for Cemented Carbide and Hard Brittle Mateirals)
Please make use of them including the special type end mills.

Please introduce us as how to apply the suitable coolant.

UT coating and HARDMAX(HM) coating and HMG coating are suitable for both cutting fluid / Air blow coolant types.

What is the advantage of UNION TOOL CO. ball end mills?

R accuracy is controlled by the half of measured diameter as the basis of R. That's why it's been keeping ball nose ground with smooth surface and smooth connection from R edge to outer cutting edge. If a program is made in accordance with this basis, it'll be possible to finish mold, etc, with high accuracy.

What is the smallest micro diameter end mill that UNION TOOL CO. can manufacture?

It's possible to manufacture φ0.06(HSB 20006-0006) for ball series, φ0.1(CSS 2001-0010, C-CES 2001-0015, HLS2001-003, etc) for square series.

What is important and recommended milling condition with using micro diameter end mills?

It is very important to control spindle run-out on applying micro diameter end mills. If the spindle run-out is getting bigger, tools can be damaged easily and the quality of milled surface becomes worse. Regarding the milling conditions, please set it without chatter vibration. And it is effective to set it with small milling amount and high feed rate for applying micro diameter end mills.

Please advise us as how to calculate milling condition.

Please refer to Technical Data pages in latest UNIMAX Series catalog.

How does UNION TOOL CO. recommend changing the conditions when the machine's spindle speed can not reach to the conditions in the catalog?

When the parameter exceeds the machine's maximum spindle speed, decrease both the spindle speed and the feed rate at the same rate.

What is the point of high speed milling?

We recommend that coolant is supplied to milling area with the pressure as high as possible (within preventing end mills from the breakage) and it is needed that run-out of end mills is controlled appropriately.

What is the suitable number of flutes for Slotting or Side milling?

For Slotting, it's suitable to apply 2 flutes because the chip pocket is wide, and for Side milling, it's suitable to apply multiple number flutes (4 or 6 flutes) because the rigidity is excellent. We have 3 flutes(CFB), 4 flutes(CZS, HFB, HRRS, CRRS and CNRS, etc.) series for high efficiency milling performance. Please make use of them.

What kind of application is improved by Taper neck end mills?

It is suitable for milling sloped side wall. The rigidity of taper neck end mills is higher than straight types and is possible to improve the quality of the finished surface.

Does UNION TOOL CO. manufacture end mills with tolerance minus(-) or tolerance plus(+) for diameter?

All models are manufactured with tolerance minus. It's possible to manufacture with tolerance plus as special type products.

What is the difference between high speed tool steels(HSS) materials and tungsten carbide materials?

Tungsten carbide material is better than high speed tool steels(HSS) material regarding the characteristics of Hardness, the temperature of Heat Resistance, Wear Resistance, Deflection Resistance(Young's modulus) etc., and is applicable for harder work materials than high speed tool steels(HSS) material, is possible to mill with high velocity. However, tungsten carbide material is brittle because of its high hardness. So there are some cases that tungsten carbide material has chipping easier than high speed tool steels(HSS) material when the end mills receive shock during milling. UNION TOOL CO. manufactures all kinds of end mills with tungsten carbide materials.

Which one is better, MG or Super MG on the carbide material in the catalog?

It depends. We select the suitable carbide material in consideration of the work material and purpose.

What is the End Mill Dynamic Runout Digital Indicator "OPTECH-MES"? How is it used?

OPTECH-MES/MES-D50 is an optical non-contact digital indicator that can measure diameter and run-out with keeping the revolution when tools such as end mills and drills are actually running.

What specifications are possible to produce special types of drills that are not described in the latest UNIMAX catalogue?

It's of course possible to produce drills with irregular diameter, and it's also possible to do them on specification with high aspect ratio like 30 times diameter or with stepped figure. Please contact our sales person in charge on required specification.

We've been using high speed tool steels (HSS) drills so far. Can tungsten carbide drills prevent from making bent holes when drilling?

The rigidity of tungsten carbide is higher than high speed tool steels (HSS) and the tungsten carbide can prevent from making bend holes, because Young's modulus of tungsten carbide are higher (about three times) than high speed tool steels (HSS).

We've been using small diameter drills (less or equal the diameter 0.5) so far. What's the point for preventing the breakage?

There are 3 points: 1.The run-out of tools, 2. Fixation of work materials and 3. The Pre-drilling (A Pilot hole):
1. We recommend to set the run-out of tools less or equal 5μm. If the diameter is smaller, the effective will be more.
And, we also recommend making use of our measuring equipment to check the run-out of tools during the revolution (dynamic run-out). It's possible to lend the equipment for demonstration.
2. It is important to fix the work material not to be lifted up for preventing chatter vibration in drilling.
3. A Pilot hole is effective for preventing breakage caused by tools acting up (walking phenomenon) when starting the drilling, and makes the hole registration accuracy improved.

Solution for preventing from making a burr at the exit side when drilling.

Setting up the back-up board under work material is effective for decreasing the burr in drilling. And, it is also effective for preventing chatter vibration of work materials, because the work material can be fixed firmly.

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