Linear Motion Products

Roller elements used in bearing improve the running accuracy, rigidity and life

High precision linear motion products are key elements in the heart of certain machines that are mainly incorporated in machine tools and semiconductor manufacturing equipment. This component is used to move (slide) an object in a straight line. To prevent the motion from slowing down due to the friction that occurs when sliding, all makers have developed high-performance bearings with various technologies. We started development from the necessity in PCB drill manufacturing and commercialized linear crossed roller guides for the first time in Japan with our original high rigidity mechanism and stable grinding technology. We have gained a considerable share in Japan since then. In particular, the SF (Super Finish) class, which has a rolling surface close to a mirror surface, which is not found in other companies, is often used for optical measurement devices and medical equipment that require high accuracy.

Linear Motion Products

Crossed Roller Guides (SF class)

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