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Dies manufactured using excellent grinding technology can achieve stable and high-precision rolling with either flat dies or round dies.
Our products can produce various products such as worms, splines , serrations, lead screws, ball screws and screws.

In addition to Rack Dies and Roll Dies, we also manufacture Forging Tools.
All Rolling Dies are manufactured using our own in house developed precision equipment. A special surface treatment gives these Dies much longer life.
Rolling products with stable accuracy and surface roughness can be manufactured with our proprietary design dies that utilize our experience in rolling product production.
A rolling machine is also available, and it is possible to carry out rolling process trial.

Rolling Dies

◆ Near mirror surface finish and superior dies design, achieve longer tool life.
◆ Achieves high transfer accuracy to the workpiece by minimizing the incomplete thread at both ends.
◆ Suppressing the elongation of the workpiece makes it possible to achieve excellent swellability.
◆ Unique design to control walking effect
◆ Rolling of high hardness materials such as high hardness bolts is also possible.

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Rolled products

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Coating rods (UC Rod)

Forging tools

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