PCB Tools-related equipments

UNION TOOL has developed a range of equipment to support the effective use of cutting tools for PCB manufacture.

Our cutting tools are manufactured from tungsten carbide, making them very fragile.
These delicate cutting tools need to be handled with great care to prevent damage. Issues such as hole wall roughness, heavy smearing and burring are all influenced by inferior cutting tools.
We are pleased to introduce our proprietary range of equipment for servicing and supporting our cutting tools, aimed at helping prevent these problems, by maintaining quality that prolongs the life of the cutting tool.

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RSM-A Ring Setting Machine -Automatic

DS-1 Digital passameter

RSM-M1 Ring Setting Machine M1

OPTECH-M Non-contact Drill Diameter / Measuring Machine

RSM-M2 Ring Setting Machine M2

Spindle Runout Measuring Machine

PRODUCT 02 PCB Tools-related equipments

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