Basic Sustainability Policy

Basic Sustainability Policy

Union Tool
shall contribute to the creation of
a sustainable society
by providing superior products
in response to the many environmental and
social issues related to manufacturing.

Since its founding, Union Tool has remained true to its corporate philosophy of working towards the unending prosperity of the Company and its employees by contributing to society with superior products. Companies cannot stand on their own. At Union Tool, we believe that companies can only exist thanks to the support of the society around them, and that prosperity goes hand in hand with social prosperity. Wishing for a company’s success is consistent with the concept of sustainability, which seeks to create a sustainable society. The world has now begun to move toward solving the many environmental and social issues facing society by means of technological innovation. Union Tool has prospered by consistently striving to provide products that meet the needs of society. Going forward, Union Tool will strive to create a better society and a better future by contributing superior products that spur technological innovation with a view toward solving social problems.



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