Alliance with Employees

Alliance with Employees

Union Tool develops human resources to achieve its corporate philosophy of working towards the unending prosperity of the Company and its employees by contributing to society with superior products. This stance is set forth in Code of Corporate Ethics of the Union Tool Group, which is the foundation for the actions of the Company and its employees. In order to turn this way of thinking into a concrete approach, we have formulated the Human Resource Development Policy and the Internal Environment Improvement Policy. Going forward, we will promote the growth of employees and the establishment of a pleasant working environment in accordance with these policies. 

Human Resource Development Policy
Union Tool develops and promotes highly specialized, creative, and honest human resources with challenging spirits, those who can contribute to the steady and continuous application of the corporate philosophy.

  1. Individuals on whom society can depend and who perform their work in a humble and positive way
  2. Individuals with a broad perspective who take on new challenges
  3. Individuals who value communication and can maximize teamwork
  4. Individuals who think autonomously and act in a resolute yet flexible way
  5. Individuals who think as professionals and ceaselessly improve themselves

Internal Environment Improvement Policy
Union Tool creates an environment to allow healthy, cheerful, and vibrant workplace and maintains and improves the personnel system and working conditions that respect each personality and individuality.

  1. Training program
    In addition to training new employees, Union Tool provides a follow-up program after two to three years of employment and a foreign language learning program.
  2. Welfare and benefits
    Union Tool has a system that allows employees to work in a pleasant atmosphere and to make the most of leisure time.
  3. Promotion of active participation by women
    Union Tool is committed to fostering a culture that allows women of all ages to play an active role.
  4. On-site nursery school
    Union Tool helps employees balance work and childcare so that they can concentrate on work.

Human Capital Indicators
Union Tool discloses all the indicators required in securities reports. Click here to view human capital indicators



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