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For customers who are firstly trying carbide processing, we have created a "vital point" document.

How to use the UDC series(1.20MB)

超硬合金・硬脆材加工用 UDCシリーズ

In 2012, we launched diamond coated end mills for processing cemented carbide. This series is applied UDC (Ultra Diamond Coating), which offers excellent hardness and durability by improving adhesion to cemented carbide and controlling fine particle composition, and literally 'cuts' cemented carbide stably with long tool life. Furthermore, the best-designed tool geometry for processing cemented carbide makes remarkable DEEP cutting possible and achieved highly efficient and accurate processing of cemented carbide.

New multi-flute radius type!

Newly released UDCRRS multi-flute radius end mills from our UDC series for milling cemented carbide.
The 6 to 10 flutes and the 40 degree helix angle achieves low cutting resistance and offers deep cutting depth milling!Compared to the 2 flute models, the efficiency has been dramatically increased!
This contributes to the reduction in cycle time.

Milling depth comparison with 2 flutes type (ø2 x EL6)

Milling removal volume of each size

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※For details on the UDC series, please refer to the comprehensive leaflet below.

UDC leaflet (Vol.13)

 Features of UDC-H (High speed) series

UDC-H (High speed) series is the long-awaited UDC 3rd generation series with an optimized cutting edge treatment and improved diamond coating with respect to the “F series”. We can achieve high feed rates that up until now could not be dreamed of when imagining the direct milling of cemented carbide. The material removal volume has also dramatically increased, and this is ideal for rough processing to semi-finishing. By using it in conjunction with the previously launched “F” (Fine) series, it is possible to perform direct milling of cemented carbide with both high efficiency and high quality.


High-level Treatment!!

Unbelievable milling performance

High Speed!!

Mill at surprisingly high feed rate

High Material Removal Volume!!

Highly improved material removal volume

Attain both high efficiency and long tool life!

The key points

New generation edge treatment

minimize damage

Improved diamond coating

to enhance wear resistance

Cemented Carbide Lens shaped milling Comparison of efficiency and material removal volume with UDCBH / UDCBF R1 x Length of Cut 1.4


Work Size : 50 x 50 x 10 mm

Pocket Size : Top φ10 x Depth 3.5 mm

Material Romoval Volume : 160 mm3 / Pocket

Coolant : Air Blow

UDCBH shows maximum tool performance under high-speed conditions.
Tool life may shorten when used at the same feed rate as before.

Milling Conditions
Spindle Speed (min-1) 30,000 20,000
Feed Rate (mm/min) 1,500 200
ap (mm) 0.1
ae (mm) 0.3
Milling Results
1 side 16 pockets 1 Tool Milling time 76分 4 Tool Mlling time 7 h 28 min
Tool after milling 4 pockets
Tool after milling 16 pockets

Features of UDC-F (Fine) series

The sharpest cutting edge in the UDC series

The best choice for high quality milling surface


①UDC coating

Optimized coating for F series

②Special treatment for a sharp edge

Minimized edge chipping and level gap

③Chip pocket designed on tool tip

Excellent surface finish

Cemented Carbide Flat surface milling Comparison of edge chipping on work piece with  UDCBH / UDCBF R0.4 x Length of Cut 0.56

Spindle Speed (min-1) 30,000
Feed Rate (mm/min) 750 250
ap (mm) 0.02
ae (mm) 0.02
Coolant Airblow

Improve efficiency and lower costs by using the right tool based on edge chipping requirements.

CBN Series

Milling Case Studies

Milling Videos

CBN Series

A new long neck ball CBN-PLB for super mirror surface processing has been added to the CBN series. The unique tip shape maximizes the burnishing effect and enables super mirror surface processing as opposed to the conventional series!The slot design that allows the coolant to reach the cutting edge improves the chip evacuation performance as well as preventing biting, which ensures the longevity of the mirror surface.

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※For details on the CBN series, please refer to the comprehensive leaflet below.

CBN leaflet (Vol.9)

CBN series for super finishing

Long neck ball CBN-LBSF and long neck radius CBN-RSF series designed for super finishing can obtain a better finished surface as opposed to conventional products due to the characteristic flute shape that achieves a burnishing effect. Recommended for the finishing of high hardness materials that emphasize the finished surface.

CBN-LBSF Features of tip shape

CBN-LBSF Features of tip shape

A cutting edge has been added to the tip of the tool (Zero peripheral speed point)
Suppresses tool damage and improves the finished surface!

CBN-RSF Burnishing effect at the flute tip (ELMAX 60HRC)

CBN-LBSF Features of tip shape

Optimizing the width of the burnishing surface that rubs on the machined surface, will give a glossy surface and achieves a super surface finish!

Features of long-life CBN series

Optimized cBN material and improved cutting edge geometry for milling the ultra-hard materials offer high precision milling and long tool life.
By excellent wear-resistance and chipping-resistance of the tool, outstanding surface roughness and precision are maintained even under long cycle time. Recommended to use on finishing process for the ultra-hard materials.

Improved sharp edge

PRODUCT 03 Carbide End Mills

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