For Cemented Carbide and Hard Brittle Mateirals
UDC Series, UPD Series

Introduction of UDCBH

Milling VM-40 (90HRA) grade tungsten carbide at ultra high speed!

Direct milling on Carbide Bevel Gear

Optimized cutting parameters for Low-hardness carbides has greatly reduced the cycle time and milling cost !

Introduction of UDC Series

High Efficient Milling on Cemented Carbide and Hard Brittle (Non-Metallic) Materials ! Tool Line Up: Ball, Long Neck Ball, Long Neck Radius End Mills / Drills / Thread Mills

Indexable Insert Mold Milling

The chip pocket designed on tool tip and sharp cutting edge with special treatment offer excellent surface finish.

UDCMX+UDCT 16 holes Milling

"Direct Thread Milling" on Cemented Carbide.

ø2.5 100 holes Milling

Drilling Carbide - Stunning!

PRODUCT 03 Carbide End Mills

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