BT-resin Material

Routing type Target quality Recommended type Panels/Stack (Entry material: t1.0-t1.2) Cutting parameters
Spindle speed
Table feed
General contour routing Dimension accuracy RCMFT1.5x6.5
0.2t x6 to 12s
0.4t x 5 to 8s
20,000-30,000 0.5-1.0
Slit routing Less burrs Dimension accuracy Less slit deformation SCFT 1.0x4.5
RS20 1.0x4.5
SCMFT 1.0x4.5
0.2t x5 to 8s
0.4t x 3 to 5s
30,000-45,000 0.5-0.8
Cavity-Rough routing
High Productivity Breakage resistant RHM FT 2.0x8 0.2t x6 to 12s
0.4t x5 to 8s
20,000 1.0-2.0
Cavity-Finish routing
Cavity-Finish routing
Routing amount 0.3 - 0.5mm
Less burrs Dimension accuracy SCFT 1.5x6.5
RCMFT 1.5x6.5
0.2t x6 to12s
0.4t x5 to 8s
20,000 0.3-0.5

PRODUCT 01 PCB Drills / Routers / Ultra precision micro-hole drill

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