JIMTOF2020 Online

Thank you very much for visiting our page during your busy schedule.
Thanks to your precious participation, the JIMTOF2020 online exhibition was a success.
If you have any comments or questions about the exhibited products,
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We look forward to your visit. We will have a variety of feature articles
unique to this online seminar under the theme of "New standards".


16(Mon) 10 A.M. – 27(Fri) 5 P.M., November, 2020​
Archive 27(Fri) 5 P.M., November – 11(Fri) 5 P.M., December, 2020




Carbide End Mills
Linear Motion ​Products​
Rolling Dies​
Measurement​ Instruments​
Sensor Products​

Online Seminor (On demand)

Under the theme of "New standards",
we will briefly and clearly introduce the three themes below :​
"UDCBH for high-speed milling WC",
​"HMGCOAT and CBN for high hardness material processing  with 3 high’s",​
"Tools for 5-axis machining".​



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