Introduction of Drill Series
PCB Drills / Routers

To meet the customer's needs for the diversified drilling characteristics, UNION TOOL offers lineup drills of diameter ø0.05-6.5mm for various electronic printed circuit boards. Please refer to the catalog for product information and details on the models, etc.

Notice on selection of the drill models

Features of UNION TOOL Dills

UNION TOOL recommend drill models based on actual drilling data depending on customer's conditions, to correspond to a great variety of PWB material characteristics and drilling parameters. For example, even the drills of same size, is classified into following 3 types according to the drill design, where drill selection enables to respond to customer's quality target.

<Hole Registration Accuracy Type>
The drill is especially designed considering the rigidity. It enables to maintain an excellent hole registration accuracy in the drilling process.
<Hole Wall Roughness Type>
The drill is designed especially considering the chip evacuation. Enables to maintain a good hole wall quality while drilling.
<Balance Type>
The drill is designed considering the rigidity and the chip evacuation. It offers a good balance with hole registration and inner hole wall quality during the drilling process.

Flute Length Selection

The bending increases with the increase in the flute length of the drill, especially in small diameter drills, maintaining excellent hole positional accuracy becomes difficult, drill breakage may occur. In the drilling of the PWB, selecting drills that are suitable for panel thickness and stack height becomes important.
*For more details, please refer to catalog or contact our sales team.


UNION TOOL's micro dill manufacturing technology

Along with the production of electronic printed circuit boards with remarkably high density, demand for micro drills less than ø0.1mm diameter has also increased. UNION TOOL has tried to establish manufacturing technology at an early stage and currently, mass production for ø0.05mm drills is possible.

Micro drill manufacturing technology

Micro drill manufacturing technology


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