Our Business

Our Flagship product – the PCB drill – commands significant shares of the domestic and overseas markets.

PCB Drill

UNION TOOL designs, manufactures and sells industrial cutting tools to a broad sector of global industry.
The core product since our inception in 1963 has been the carbide drill used in the manufacture of Printed Circuit Boards, found in all modern electronics. In recent years, the diameter of PCB drills has shrunk to accommodate a greater range of functions in electronic devices and products in ever smaller packages, increasing the demand for drills with a diameter of less than 0.3 millimeters. We are committed to consistently meeting this demand.


“Strength comes from within” - the in-house production facilities.

Production section

The production lines and process development engineers at our main factory in Nagaoka consistently collaborate and exchange information. From this emerges our in-house production facilities. These incorporate the latest technologies. Through this exchange of information we also gain superb improvements in efficiency and flexible responses to changes in demand. Using this approach, and in other ways, we meet the diverse demands of our clients. In comparison to the acquisition of equipment from outside vendors, we are also able to keep equipment investment costs down using this in-house strategy.


Developing products based on accumulated expertise.

Developing products

By opening new markets that are different from the electronic device industry, we will forge a corporate culture that is flexible and sufficiently agile to achieve sustainable growth even in a distressed economic environment.
By harnessing the know-how and leading-edge technologies that we had cultivated to date, we devoted ourselves entirely to the production of new products. Recently, we started to sell the heart rate sensor.


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