Opening “Union Forest Nanyo NURSERY SCHOOL” an on-site NURSERY SCHOOL open to the community so workers can work full of life

UNION TOOL CO. established “Union Forest Nanyo NURSERY SCHOOL,” an on-site NURSERY SCHOOL open to the community on the premises of Union Tool Nagaoka Factory (Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture) and started operations from April 3, 2017.

UNION TOOL CO. is working to create an environment where its workers can continue to work full of life through supporting a childcare environment for working fathers and mothers. Establishing an on-site NURSERY SCHOOL open to the community is part of our support of childcare and contribution to the community.

The outside and inside of the Union Forest Nanyo Day Care Center

Purpose of the establishment

From early on, UNION TOOL CO. has been actively working on supporting childcare for employees including part-time employees, such as extending childcare leave (Up to a year and six months) and shortening working hours for childcare (Until the end of the third grade in elementary school). As a company that has developed in Nagaoka City, we established an on-site NURSERY SCHOOL open to the community from the desire to contribute to regional revitalization and stop the declining birthrate by “supporting a childcare environment for working married couples,” not to mention childcare support for our employees.


【Name】 Union Forest Nanyo NURSERY SCHOOL
【Operation start date】 April 3, 2017
【Address】 1-2704-4 Nanyo, Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture
【Childcare capacity】 70 people (2020)
【Childcare target】 Preschool children from four months of age who are raised by employees of UNION TOOL CO. ,
employees of other businesses our company has signed a contract, and Nagaoka City residents
【Management system】 Consigned to Poppins Co., Ltd.

Management policy

1.Thorough safety management

2.The best childcare environment throughout the four seasons

3.Substantial childcare services
(Nurture children through “educare (Education and childcare)” in which children take on the leading roles in the most important time of their lives)

4.Active interactions with the community


Convenient to use

The NURSERY SCHOOL is open even on Saturdays until 7:30 pm to meet diverse working styles. The facility also provides paper diapers, towels for naps, and futons to reduce luggage.
All of the floors at the day care room are equipped with floor heating, allowing parents to leave their children in the winter without worries.
* There may be fees except for Union Tool employees

Spacious and bright spaces

The 1st floor has a spacious open-air lunch room. The south side of the facility is completely glass-walled, allowing the sunlight to pour into the facility.
The facility is surrounded by trees. It is a very bright facility with rich nature and a good environment.

Safety and security

We provide a facility and management services that meet the standards of Nagaoka City.
We will take care of your child in a safe and secure environment by partnering with neighboring medical institutions and implementing security measures to prevent accidents and from suspicious people entering.

Origin of the name and logo


Based on our desire to carry out child care in a rich natural environment, many different kinds of trees are planted around the facility. There is an artificial hill in the yard.
It is named “Union Forest Nanyo NURSERY SCHOOL” based on the image of “a NURSERY SCHOOL in the forest in Nanyo region.


We utilized the hiragana character “yu,” which is the capital letter of “Union Forest.”
It has a circular shape, so it will be compatible with the logo of UNION TOOL CO., in addition to the fact that it looks like a child wearing a hat.

Contact Us

UNION TOOL CO. Nagaoka Factory
Nagaoka Human Resources Division, NURSERY SCHOOL Support Section



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